We will be journeying to some of our favourite wildflower spots around York and Beverley and into some newly discovered bush reserves in search of orchids and other W.A wildflowers around the country town of Narrogin where we will spend 2 nights. We will then move locations to the nearby Dryandra Woodland National Park, a very special pocket of woodland which is home to many endangered animals including Numbats, Woylies, Quendas, and Chuditchs as well has over 100 species of birds. It also has many orchids and other wildflowers growing in the area. On our return we will explore some areas with the Wandoo National Park before arriving back to our pick up point in Perth around 5pm. 

We will be staying in self contained cabins which have 1 or 2 bedrooms. In Narrogin we can offer an alternative option in an ensuite room at the Motel next door which will we offer to those who want their own room who pay the single price. Both locations have bathrooms within the cabins but none of the rooms have ensuite rooms. At Dryandra will be staying in the historic timberman's village run by the Lions in homely wooden cabins originally built to house the families of the timbermen who worked in the Mallet Forest. They are basic but clean and comfortable but this is all about Location, Location, Location! The cottages are in the middle of the National Park and visited frequently by all manner of animals and birds, most have their own possum that lives in the nest box on the verandah. At night if you are lucky some quenda or bush curlew might wonder past, we will certainly hear them after dusk. 

We will organise an evening visit to Barnia Mia which is an enclosed area of bushland which houses several types of critically endangered mammals. They offer a wonderful nocturnal experience where we can photograph bilby, woylie, mala, quenda and boodie. The fence keeps predators such as foxes and feral cats which have had a devastating effect on so many of our native animals and birds. 

We have timed this tour to be during a dark sky period so is we have no cloud we will head away from like pollution to photograph the Milky Way and star trails. If we are unfortunate to have some cloud we will introduce you to light painting which is a lot of fun. 

This small group tour is lead by photographer and tour guide, Anna-Mair Francis who has years of experience taking clients to amazing places around the globe and is known for her patience and good communication skills in simply explaining photographic techniques. 

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